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Accenture Interview Questions | Technical & HR

Accenture Interview Questions for freshers asked in the Accenture interview process are discussed here. These will help you prepare for both Accenture technical interview round as well as the Accenture HR interview round. These interview questions were collected from students who have recently attended Accenture interview.

About the company: Accenture

Accenture is one of the global leading professional services and management consulting company. It provides various types of services, strategies for solving the client challenges, digital technology, and operational services. Accenture creates innovation for the world.

Accenture was established in the year 1989 and was initially known as Andersen Consulting. Accenture changed its name in 2001 after breaking ties with its parent company Arthur Andersen. Accenture’s global headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. It has branch offices in more than 200 cities in 50 countries across the world.

Accenture Recruitment Process

There are mainly three rounds in Accenture interview:

  1. Online Assessment Test
  2. Technical Interview Round
  3. HR round

Online Assessment Test:
This first round is a little difficult among all the other rounds as it is an eliminator round in the Accenture interview process. Accenture online assessment tests are designed to examine the cognitive function and ability of the appearing candidates. This round has questions based on Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability. Here in this round, you will be required to answer the prescribed number of questions in the allocated time frame.

Technical Interview:
If you clear the online test, then you will be called for the technical interview. The technical round mainly focuses to evaluate the coding & problem-solving skills of the candidate. The candidates should have basic knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and other computer science-related subjects like OS, DBMS, CN, etc. in order to ace the technical interview. Depending on the job role you’re applying to, you can expect to be tested in respective areas. If you are an experienced candidate or applying for a critical role, you might have to face two or more rounds of technical interviews.

HR Interview:
The HR Interview is the final round to select a candidate as an employee at Accenture since it helps to determine a candidate’s personality and other related aspects. Here the questions can be asked are of varied range starting from your introduction, qualification, experience, hobbies, strengths & weaknesses, salary expectations, etc. In this round, company-related questions on Accenture can also be asked. While the other interview rounds at Accenture gauge your skills and accomplishments, the objective of an HR interview is to judge your personality, check your background, ability to handle the job role, and decide whether you are the right fit for the company.

Accenture Technical Interview Questions

Java Interview questions:

  1. Why is Java called platform independent?
  2. What is OOP concept? Explain the basic features of OOPs.
  3. What do you understand by Exception Handling?
  4.  What is checked and unchecked exception?
  5. What are the reasons behind the occurrence of an exception?
  6. Differentiate between class and object.
  7. What is encapsulation in Java?
  8. What is Recursion and recursive function in Java?
  9. How can you differentiate between C, C++, and Java?
  10.  What do you understand by runtime polymorphism?
  11. How can you differentiate between method overloading and method overriding?
  12. What are the keyword “super” and “this” in Java?
  13.  Explain inheritance in Java? How can it be achieved?
  14. What is the significance of “static” keyword?
  15. What is an abstract class in Java?

C/C++ Interview Questions :

  1. What is call by value and call by reference?
  2. Explain dynamic memory and static memory allocation.
  3. What is difference between “var++” and “++var”?
  4. Differentiate between class and structure in C++.
  5. What are the access specifiers in C++?
  6. Why we use of “getch()” in a program?
  7. What do you understand by Friend function?
  8. What is memory allocation in C?
  9. Differentiate between malloc() and calloc()?
  10. Why is C a procedural language?
  11. Write a C++ program for generating the Fibonacci series.

DBMS interview questions :

  1. What do you mean by data structure?
  2. What is normalization? What are its types?
  3. Explain the “primary key,” “foreign key,” and “UNIQUE key” in Database?
  4. What is XML in DBMS? Explain its types?
  5. Differentiate between CHAR and VARCHAR2?
  6. Differentiate between DELETE and TRUNCATE command in SQL?
  7. What is DML command in DBMS?
  8. Why do we use DBMS?
  9. Differentiate between “Hot Backup” and “Cold Backup” in the database?
  10. What are ON DELETE CASCADE options in DB table?
  11. Explain the turnaround time and response time? (OS)

Accenture HR interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself ?

Example introduction:

Hello/Good morning/ after noon, my name is XYZ, and I belong to the city New Delhi. Before starting to introduce myself, I would like to thank you for this great opportunity. I did my schooling from St. Mary?s Convent School and scored 75% in higher secondary and scored 80% in senior secondary. I have completed my B. Tech from Amity University and scored 75% marks. I got trained and certified for multiple technologies as core and advanced Java, HTML, SQL. I worked on a project which was based on the web-based application for digital marketing. My hobbies are playing cricket, and I love singing and creating various types of application tools. My strengths are that I am very adaptive, and having leading qualities. My Objective is to join this organization where I can prove myself by doing my level best so that it can polish my skills as well as I can give minor support with full efforts to grow this organization.

2. Why did you apply for this job?


I have applied for this Job as I feel it will be best suited to me as per skills. I can give my best for this job. When I was going through job-description I have noticed that you have mentioned that you need someone who can do____________, so I was very excited as I have very good knowledge in this field as I have also worked on the project at my college time and even got trained in this technology. 

3. How have you prepared for this interview?


When I got to know about this interview, firstly I got excited about this as I was eagerly waiting for such an opportunity. But I was not much aware of the company?s service and products hence I searched a lot for it and also many interesting points for this company (brief some point). Then I went through the Job description and requirement and refreshed my theory and practical part of technologies. So this way, I have prepared myself for this interview.

4. What is your biggest achievement till now?


I have got various achievements in my carrier, but the most notable achievement was the delivery of my college project. We have opt to create an iOS mobile app, as some of our team members including me was having reasonable knowledge of iOS, and the guy who was leading us was senior and had worked with many iOS projects. But due to some issue, he needs to go out of town so, I was selected as lead for that project. So with my continuous practice and enthusiasm including my team members, we have completed our task, and our project was one of the best projects of our college.

5. What do you know about our Company?

How to answer:

To answer this question you must have good knowledge, and you have already researched the company profile, then only you will be able to answer this question. There are some points you need to mention while answering this question:

  • What are they famous for?
  • How many employees are they having?
  • In how many countries are they situated
  • Who is the Founder & CEO of the company

 6. Why should we consider you for this job?


Well, this job profile is what I wanted to work for and as I also have a good knowledge in this field with the practicals as well as theoretical which I can implement in a very efficient way. I have worked with two major projects in the previous company and also get awarded for that. I am very passionate about learning new technology so that it will also be helpful for this job profile. The last thing that my way of doing a task is somewhat different as I work in a very smart way not in a hard way. So am relay excited to work with your company. Thank You.

7. What are your goals for the next five years?


I want to see myself as one of the topmost performing employees in a well-established organization like yours and want to contribute my skills and knowledge to the enhancement of my career growth as well as company growth.

8. What do you want to achieve in your life?

How to answer:

For answering this question there is no any particular way as everyone is unique and wanted to achieve some unique things in his/her life. So there is just one solution to this that being honest while giving this question. Everyone should be clear about his life goal then only he/she can answer this question correctly.

9. Are you ready to relocate?


Sir, I would love to relocate to be a part of such a well-reputed and wonderful company. I can’t miss such a great opportunity. Thank you! 

10. If you feel work pressure, how will you deal with it?


I work more efficiently under pressure as I feel it is challenging my abilities and I need to prove myself. I have found myself more creative under pressure conditions with some deadlines. When I got such type of situations, my first thing is always to be positive, and I started doing work with more concentration. For example, in my recent project I have assigned a task which was based on the latest AI technique, about which I was not so much aware, but still I worked on that technology I learned it, and I successfully completed my task, and also I got employee of the month award because of that project. 

11. Why do you want to join Accenture?

How to answer:

Brand Name: Accenture is a renowned brand in the market, which is a prime reason to pursue a job in this organization. The company is more into technology and operations that can be a perfect fit for any IT professionals.
Work-Life Balance: Accenture offers a good work-life balance to its employees. Essentially you can give the time to your personal and family aspects also.
Colleagues: The company recruits candidates in different levels – entry, mid, and top, which is making the employees with diverse experience and knowledge come forward and work as a team. The Accenture employees like working in this organization due to co-operative team members & colleagues.
Work Environment: Accenture provides a favorable work environment and compels the employees to work together in a learning environment.
Quality of Work: The Employees are offered qualitative work that makes it more exciting to work at Accenture. The company offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow from time to time

” All the best for your interview

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